Womenswear Wednesdays: Investor Melina Ward on her borrowed style

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melina bag.jpg
This is Ward's metallic and braided bag. It's a bit oversized, so let's see what she keeps with her on this evening...

melina inside.jpg
"See for yourself," Ward says. Inside there is a brush, wallet, makeup case and some floss -- not too many items for such a large bag.

melina shades.jpg
Ward is particularly excited about this pair of sunglasses. "They are by Tom Ford and called 'Infinity Shades.' They were a gift from my husband," she says.

Style analysis: Ward takes inspiration from her friends' styles to shape her own. She borrowed the half-sweater jacket/half-military olive green coat and paired it with her own staples: her favorite boots and hat. Her bright, shiny bag and blue tights pop against the neutral palette, and she keeps her makeup light, giving her a fresh-faced appearance and allowing the clothes to speak for themselves. She displays a carefree style that is casual and doesn't take itself too seriously, yet is very fashion-forward.

When in doubt, borrow an item and pair it with your own, Denver.

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