Reader: Adam Carolla doesn't worship at the politically correct Church of Liberalism

"I gave an interview to some asshole out here, from some crunchy newspaper," Adam Carolla said from the Paramount stage Wednesday night. "He's probably here somewhere tonight." And he was: Josiah Hesse was in the audience as Carolla proceeded to launch a Big Mock Attack directed at Hesse's discussion of McDonald's with the comic.

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And many readers thought his barrage was on target.

Says Aaron Davidson:

I think Carolla resonates with a lot of people because he's edgy in a modern way. Not only does he curse like a sailor, but he also rails against the politically correct Church of Liberalism. Sarah Silverman and company can't ever be edgy, because they're part of the Hollywood in-crowd. You can't shock the Comedy Central audience by making abortion jokes that Matt Stone and Trey Parker made a decade ago on the same damned channel.

Adam Carolla unabashedly says rich people shouldn't feel bad for being rich. In the Obama era, that makes him controversial, because conservatism and libertarianism have become the counter-culture.

What do you think of Adam Carolla? What do you think of Adam Carolla calling Josiah Hesse an asshole? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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