Five ways to fill The Walking Dead-shaped hole in your heart

In just a few days, The Walking Dead will close up shop for another season. The finale airs March 31, and whether you're watching at home alone or attending one of the watching parties (like Not Quite Dead Sundays at Jake's Food and Spirits), it will be the last last time zombies will invade your home via AMC's hit until next October. That means a lot of newly minted zombie fans are going to be left without their undead fix for the next six months, which is a shame given how much great zombie entertainment is out there. Of course, there's even more incredibly shitty zombie content out there, so to help the uninitiated find their way in this brave new undead world, we've compiled a list of five ways to fill the Walking Dead-sized hole in your heart. Everything on this list has been recognized by our staff of zombie experts (i.e. me) as being among the very best the genre has to offer, so no matter where you start, you can't go wrong.

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5) The Walking Dead comics
You did know the show was based on a long-running, critically lauded comic series, right? Well, now you can at least pretend you did. In any case, the comics are excellent, even if you aren't a big fan of the medium. Just like the show, they're heavily serialized, so you can't just pick up a random issue and start reading: You need to go back to the beginning and start, and luckily the readily available trade paperbacks and omnibus editions make that easy. And it'll be fun, too! Not only are they at least as good as the show (yes, seriously), they also have some pretty big departures from the plot, so for everything you've already experienced, there's likely to be a new thing you haven't. The only downside? No Darryl. That character was invented for the show.

4) The Walking Dead adventure game
The Walking Dead has also appeared in video-game form, naturally. Avoid the tepid, cash-in first-person shooter game Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. It's bad. What you want is Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, a five-episode "adventure horror" game set in the world of the comics. It's an engaging game that makes you a criminal seeking redemption in a zombie-filled world. This is not a shoot 'em up -- it's an emotionally engaging, story-driven game that will leave you wanting more once it's over. Fortunately, there's a second "season" on the way.

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NickLucchesi moderator communitymanager

Look, let's be honest here. They could have filled the hole before it became one, about 5 episodes ago. I now only hate-watch this thing.

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