100 Colorado Creatives: Garrett Ammon of Wonderbound

Garrett Ammon of Wonderbound.
#84: Garrett Ammon

Ballet Nouveau Colorado's transformation into Wonderbound is nearly complete. The forward-thinking troupe that has been dancing under the direction of visionary choreographer Garrett Ammon since 2007 will make its last appearance as BNC in April with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. After that, it will formally segue into Wonderbound, essentially doing more of the same -- collaborative, multidisciplinary works, danced with contemporary style -- only more so.

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BNC, dancing in "A Journey of the Human Spirit."
That transformation began earlier this month when BNC/Wonderbound hopped from Broomfield into its new downtown Denver digs. What remains to be seen is where Ammon will lead his company of wild things. It's not by mistake, after all, that Wonderbound's logo is a racing rabbit, hightailing it straight into the great unknown.

We asked Ammon to answer our 100 Colorado Creatives questionnaire; continue reading to learn what he thinks about Denver, the arts and being Wonderbound.

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