Reader: Most papers have an editorial section; Westword has Lisa Frank's diary

Dear Diary: Both Josiah Hesse and Bree Davies had tough weeks. Adam Carolla called Hesse an "asshole" from the stage of the Paramount because of an earlier interview Hesse had done with the comic; Bree got hit with snow because, well, because she lives in Colorado.

And they both got a blizzard of complaints about the pieces they wrote about these injustices.

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Here's the comment Matt Baca posted after Hesse's second piece on Carolla:

Most papers have an editorial section. Westword has a peek into their Lisa Frank diary section.

And hedhurts says this of Breeality Bites:

Is anyone else sick of accidentally coming across a 16-year-old's diary on the westword site?

And what's wrong with Lisa Frank? Post your thoughts on snow, Adam Carolla and/or these Westword writers below.

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