Photos: Valerie Savarie's Me, Myself and You show opens Friday at Zip 37

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internal freedom and happiness.jpg
"internal freedom and happiness," Valerie Savarie
Valerie Savarie's Me, Myself and You, which opens Friday, March 15, at Zip 37, is an exploration of the artist's relationship to the viewer. For this participatory show, Savarie is asking gallery visitors to share their reactions to her work, good or bad, on postcards that she plans on mailing back to them with a creative response.

In advance of tomorrow's opening, Savarie talked with Westword about building this reciprocal relationship and what her manipulated, book-style pieces have evolved. Keep reading for a sneak peek at Saravie's new show.

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take a closer look.jpg
"take a closer look," Valerie Savarie.
The focus of Savarie's latest show is her trademark book sculptures, which focus on a particular set of encyclopedic texts.

"Half of the books I'm using for the show I purchased on eBay, because last year I had eight books that I did from a really cool encyclopedic collection that I found at a thrift store," says Savarie. "The set I'm using this year are from 1938, I believe. It's interesting, going through the same publisher but different years -- the paper is a lot poorer quality in the '40s, because there was still a war going on. There was a lot of recycling and efforts going toward the war, but they had a lot brighter colors. With the books from 1938, the colors are more subdued but the paper quality is a lot better."

Savarie is always on the lookout for older books. "I try not to use any books that were published after the '70s -- part of it is a quality, part of it is nostalgia. Part of it is that a lot of books that I find are from the '70s, and earlier the ones you most frequently find in thrift stores."

the other valerie.jpg
"the other Valerie," Valerie Savarie
In addition to texts, Savarie has been working with new materials. "Usually when I have a show, I have two totally different types of art. This is the first time I've really focused on several things, (but) they are all part of this same collection of repurposed art," says Savarie.

This work uses recycled materials -- but from a commercial standpoint versus a textual one. "I have two recycled Jose Cuervo boxes that were a limited-edition print from different artists and I've cut inside them," she says. "I've added additional elements so that the previous artists' art isn't just totally usurped."

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