Womenswear Wednesdays: Visual art student Haley Swenson on her Tank Girl- inspired look

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
With the wacky weather this past week mixing snowflakes and sunshine, many people dressed for one season or the other. One stylish Denverite we spotted among the crowd is Haley Swenson, a visual-arts student at Metropolitan State University of Denver who dresses with flair and packs a punch. Continue reading to find out what musical artist and comic book inspire her look, where she shops, and what's inside her bag.

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Name: Haley Swenson.

Spotted at: 10th Street plaza on the Auraria campus.

Profession: I'm studying visual arts at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and I also work at Flossy McGrew's.

Favorite film: Hot Rod, and all of Quentin Tarantino's work.

2013 jam: Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees."

Style inspirations/icons: This comic character called Tank Girl because she is a badass, and the musical artist Kreayshawn, as well.

Favorite colors: At the moment, purple and teal.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses. I have shoeboxes full of them.

Style mantra: Get your ass out of bed, and go get dressed!

Shops at: Many thrift stores, Forever 21, or anywhere I see something random and say, "I gotta have that one."


The back of Swenson's hair is blond and fades to a vibrant pink hue. "I'm always messing around with my hair," says Swenson. "I'm fearless, in that sense."

haley shoes.jpg

These are Swenson's black Doc Marten boots that she added pink laces to for a personal touch.

haley notes.jpg

This is a drawing that Swenson wanted to show us. It showcases her talent. "I wish that people on campus would dress more creative instead of the usual sweats, yoga pants and khakis," she says. "This is the year of the anti-yoga pants."

haley drawing 2.jpg

This is another piece from Swenson, who wants to eventually become a fine artist or performance artist.

Style analysis: While many people dress casually to go to class, Swenson dresses creatively, with her own specific details. Her hair is dyed a subtle strawberry-blonde color, while she rocks her favorite accessory, sunglasses, and brings her drawings along for the day's journey. She takes fashion cues from her favorite comic titles like Tank Girl and even rapper Kreayshawn to design her own exterior.

Always dress creatively for class, Denver.

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I love your style and your art. I saw your art at the Zip 37 Gallery on Navajo Street last year, Huge talent! Keep up the creativity, I expect Denver will be hearing more about you in the future Kicking Ass and taking names! 

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