Anthony Jeselnik's five most deliciously offensive moments

3. Anthony Jeselnik on missing children
Nothing frightens parents more than the idea of their child being abducted -- and Anthony Jeselnik knows this. So it's no wonder that he was eager to open that "What if?" door, revealing a tender vulnerability where he could pour in some hilarious hate on race relations and pedophilia. Interviewing a missing-kid detective in a playground ball pit, Jeselnik gleans the best tips for anyone considering a future in child thievery and reveals that the best cover for a kidnapper would be someone with a career finding 'napped kids.

2. Anthony Jeselnik on religion
Anyone can make a colorful religious joke and end up carpet-bombing a large swath of the audience. And during the setup for this story, that seems to be the road Jeselnik is traveling. After identifying himself as an atheist, Jeselnik admits, "I don't have a good story behind it -- I'm just reasonable," then launches into a story his "girlfriend" related to him that, once again, turns a corner with its smash ending.

1. Anthony Jeselnik on death
You would think that performing intentionally offensive material for a roomful of cancer patients would be a bad idea. But you would be wrong. After succeeding at making an oncologist squirm with his characteristic make-light-of-heavy-subject baiting, Jeselnik does some crowd work at a cancer support group, downplaying the members' plight and making sarcastic prophecies about their (possibly) imminent deaths. And they kind of seem to love him for it.

Antony Jeselnik will perform at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, April 27 at the University of Denver, Newman Center for the Performing Arts, 2344 East Iliff Avenue. Tickets are $22.50. Click here for more information.

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