Reader: "Serious" bikers are the most selfish pieces of human garbage on earth

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Yesterday's snow put a damper on Earth Day festivities and sent would-be cyclists back inside. And while they were there, one reader discovered Josiah Hesse's screed from last summer on why cruiser bikes suck.

He didn't appreciate it.

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Says Mick:

People who are "serious" bikers are the most selfish pieces of human garbage on earth. Every hardcore bicycler I know retreats into a life of only talking to bicyclers about bikes. And their families are left far behind as they run around in disgusting perverted clothing, clogging up the roads that real family men use shuttling our families to family activities together. All the while these selfish loser bicyclers run about on child's toys, being the absolute selfish pigs that they are. At least cruiser-bike people with their kids riding along are real people and not selfish, man-child, closeted scum.

Do you think Mick is too hard on serious bikers? Post your thoughts below.

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OUch! Might you be generalizing a "little bit" here? I think this is more of an indication of who you hang out with than it is an indictment on the cycling community. Maybe you should get some better friends that don't retreat into a hobby.  I can promise you I know MANY more cyclists than you as I cycle and none of them are the DB's you're describing. 

Although, possibly my friends are not the "hard-core" cyclists you are describing. They only ride a few times a week. 

And to address your "selfish" comment - I'm extremely generous with both my time and money. I tutor Kids on Tuesdays, give about 10 to 15% of my income and time away and last month I bought a poor kid a car. This will pizz you off - last week we raised $25,000 for diabetes on a bike ride. I know, how dare us. Enjoying a hobby that keeps us in shape that you don't approve of. We will stop immediately. 

Mountain_Biker 2 Like

My guess is 'Mick' weighs 380 pounds, smokes like a chimney, refuses to give the right of way to anyone on the road, bike, motorcycle or car, drives a penis-compensating SUV and hasn't been able to get a boner in 11 years.

Sam Ellis
Sam Ellis 1 Like

He is seriously an asshole. Go back to suburbia jackass.

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