Horndribbles' Lucas Richards on hipsters, kid's toys and the Denver arts community

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Burke Raby
Lucas Richards and his Cuddly Cryptozoological Creations.
Lucas Richards, creator of the Horndribbles, is ready to take his project to the next level. Initially, each Horndribble functioned like a unique soft sculpture; now Richards hopes to cut down on the labor involved in this labor of love in order to introduce the toys to a new generation.

Westword caught up with Richards in advance of Return of the Horndribbles, an event slated for April 15 at the Children's Museum, where he and his partner, Devon Braun of Explorer's Playground, will debut a story book and a line of Horndribbles manufactured for sale as toys. An RSVP is requested, as space is limited; visit the Facebook event page to let them know you're coming.

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Westword: Westword was around to cover the inception of the Horndribbles, but how has the concept grown since 2006?

Lucas Richards: Initially what happened is, I sat down with a sketchbook and started drawing these monsters, then my wife and I would sew up these pieces together, picking them out from my sketchbook. We were doing that, and I got a show at Watercourse, back when it was on 13th. We showed there and sold out. People loved it.... That was kind of the beginning of the Horndribbles, and ever since then it's been going really strong.

How has the staff expanded or changed since you first started?

While the Horndribbles has always been a collaborative project, my collaborators have changed with each show. Now Devon Braun, who's based out of LA, we formed Explorer's Playground together. It's not as if another company came and took over the Horndribbles. It's a complete partnership. He had the ability and the know-how to get these things manufactured, and I had the creative side. We picked four designs, and I mean, I've designed almost 400 different plush sculptures, which I like to call them, and we took four of our favorites that were distinct and different from each other and we had those manufactured. So now we have these four plushes and a forty-page book for sale.

How did the upcoming event at the Children's Museum come together?

I took two years off to work on this project, and in that two years, people kind of forgot about the Horndribbles. Now I'm almost having to re-introduce myself, which is interesting because it shows how quick-paced the world is, you know? The Children's Museum, though, is the beginning of this whole new process. It's kind of introducing us back to Denver and saying, "Now we're ready." It's definitely the next chapter. The event is sponsored by Watercourse and Great Divide brewery, there's going to be food, drinks, a puppet show and a kid's band. It's like all my favorite things together. It's going to be a really good time. We'll also have everything for sale.

Zapp 2_FB.jpg
Burke Raby
Zapp, a new Horndribble.

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