Five looks inside the Denver Animated Pixelshow

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Denver's animation scene gets a turn in the limelight when the Denver Animated Pixelshow comes to the Bug Theatre Thursday night. More than two hours of locally made animated shorts will be screened, with most of the filmmakers on hand to talk about their work and answer questions. And you're going to have some questions, because some of these are weird. Maybe it's the influence of our pervasive medical marijuana industry, or maybe people who spend hundreds of hours painstakingly stitching together images into seamless animations are just a little on the odd side, but whatever the reason, there's some strange stuff going on here. That's not to say it isn't cool -- on the contrary, a lot of this is great in part because it's so off the wall.

To give you a taste, we chose five of the pieces from the show that highlight the variety of approaches in both style and subject matter. From Plato to GI Joe, these are a few of our favorite Denver animated things.

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The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay
You've probably been meaning to get around to reading Plato's Republic for some time now, but Harry Potter always seems like more fun. Fret not, because now you can get one of the highlights in convenient claymation form.

The Unrecoverable Loss of Eugene
It's a tragic love story about a man and a puppet. There's sex. There's death. There's some supernatural shenanigans. What more could you ask for, really?

Moist Pork
In this trailer for the Moist Pork series, you'll find fart jokes, vomiting blood and some really weird riffs on Lost. Honestly, it's a wonder Adult Swim hasn't picked this up already.

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