Five surprise stoner movies to light up your 4/20

Stoners the world 'round will celebrate the highest of all holidays this Saturday -- 4/20, in case you got so baked you'd forgotten -- and the high-minded here in Colorado are in for a special treat. Not only is the stuff legal here, but we're blessed with cultural institutions that aren't afraid to embrace it, so the cannabis-inclined can celebrate at the Alamo Drafthouse's Half-Baked 4/20 Dinner Party. The beloved pot classic will be paired with a three-course meal of munchies inspired by the film; the evening might be the best reason ever to go to Littleton.

But what if you're just too high to make the trip? Well, you can always stay home and celebrate with your own pot movie. Since every stoner has seen the usual suspects -- the Cheech and Chong canon, Dazed and Confused, the Harold and Kumar trilogy, Friday and the rest -- we've picked a few lesser-known, but still dope, stoner films for you. These may not be as well-loved as the classics, but they live up to the same high standards.

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5) Smiley Face
In Smiley Face, Anna Faris plays a slacker actress and dedicated pothead who starts her day with a few bong tokes, then eats an entire tray of weed-laced cupcakes by mistake. That launches her on an epic journey to try to replace the cupcakes, make it to an audition and pay off her dealer, all while high enough to put a mule into a coma. As you can imagine, not everything goes as planned, leading to a long, fuzzed-out day of distractions, tangents and, uh, wait... what were we talking about?

4) Idle Hands
If you're looking for something beyond the typical "misadventures of some stoned dudes" plot of most pot movies, Idle Hands might be just the thing. A horror comedy about a guy whose hand is possessed by a demon, it's definitely not your typical "weed movie." Despite that, there's plenty of love for the sweet leaf to be found here -- the major characters are inveterate stoners, and weed plays a pivotal role in the climax of the film. Plus, it's got Seth Green and a young Jessica Alba!

3) Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Most stoners have seen the original ludicrous propaganda film Reefer Madness and enjoyed its hysterical hyperbole. Now you can enjoy the movie musical inspired by the madness! It's campy and silly -- it's a musical, after all -- but if you're in the mood for some song-and-dance numbers about the dangers of marijuana, it's your best bet.

Continue reading for our top flicks.

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Alicia Nieva-Woodgate
Alicia Nieva-Woodgate

Westword Website keeps coming up as "abusive" or malicious site - what's going on with it?

Schittphaiç Magü
Schittphaiç Magü

Even under the influence of any intoxicating substance (be it alcohol, marijuana, oxycodone, what-have-you), I still would not find Ted to be even remotely funny.

Jake Stella
Jake Stella

westword you gotta get your shit together soon. or no ones going to like you anymore

Skid Jarrett Gilmore
Skid Jarrett Gilmore

But stoner jokes are funny and never get old. Westword comment sections prove that.

James Tallo
James Tallo

Smiley Face???? that is beyond stupid....stoners won't even watch it.

Ed Kieta
Ed Kieta

Cool, and I'll probably check out a couple, but when is westword gonna get the Big Picture??? This plant is NOT just about being a stoner. Love my fellow stoners... most loving peeps on the planet! But there are huge segments of our society that can benefit from this plant & are being kept away by the stoner label media outlets like westword continually reinforce. What about the incredible medicinal aspects of cannabis? Or the tremendous impact hemp can have on our environment & economy?? Has westword written even ONE article on the benefits of hemp... the real reason we're even going through this prohibition nonsense?

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