100 Colorado Creatives: Good Thieves Press

Good Thieves Press at night.
#79: Good Thieves Press

The grassroots of any art community? That's easy. Artist cooperatives and the newer model of studio communities like Wazee Union provide both a supportive camaraderie for artists just starting out and a launching pad for adventurous and creative ideas that might fall outside the requirements of more commercial ventures.

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That's what makes it so interesting to watch a young co-op like Good Thieves Press get off the ground in a town where some revered co-ops are celebrating decades of bringing fresh art to Denver audiences. Good Thieves call themselves a "creative conspiracy," and that's how they roll -- echoing some of the spirit of the original Pirate, one of Denver's first co-ops, which started out on a similarly defiant note.

Young and unafraid to try new things, the Thieves -- who also operate a print studio on the premises -- are taking what's theirs, little by little, hosting shows and readings and, this Saturday, an open-entry show called The Art of Deception. It kicks off at 5 p.m. April 13 at Good Thieves Press, 2401 Stout Street, with "an evening of art, lies and half truths," and continues through April 27.

We asked the Good Thieves to take on our 100CC questionnaire, which they did democratically, with each of the seven members tackling a different question and collaborating on communal answers for a couple more. Here's their outlook on life and the arts.

Westword: What and who are the Good Thieves?

Good Thieves: Good Thieves Press is a creative conspiracy.  We are a cooperative artist studio, gallery, project house and community located at 24th and Stout streets.  We are printers, painters, sculptors, drawers, thinkers, lovers and dreamers. We currently have seven members who strive to keep each other active and accountable in life and art.  Our goal is to be THE art makers and doers in the Denver art community. We are Good Thieves!

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