100 Colorado Creatives: Keith Garcia, Denver Film Society

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Carly Rose Moser
#80: Keith Garcia
For a certain cross-section of local cinemaphiles, Keith Garcia is a beloved figure. The longtime program director for the Denver Film Society and its commercial film venue, the Sie FilmCenter, he knows his medium backwards, forwards and inside out, from the revered classic canon to the outer limits of genre film. And as a deftly creative programmer, he aims to please the widest-possible cross-section of filmgoers.

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But even a guy with one of the most unique jobs in Denver can have dreams. Garcia's most pressing dream right now is his desire to research and craft an in-depth documentary about local drag queens. And to that end, he's taking a month-long sabbatical to get that second act together and spend some time behind the camera, instead of curating the cinematic endeavors of others. No worries, though. He'll be back at the Sie in no time.

The other thing about Garcia? He's a sweetheart. Plus, he has a lot to say about everything: For instance, our 100CC questionnaire. Read on to learn more about Keith Garcia's view of the arts.

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The softer side of Keith Garcia.
Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Keith Garcia: I actually have two people that have always stuck in the back of my mind: artist Keith Haring and disco singer Sylvester, both great gay icons if ever there were. When I was fifteen, I was coming into my own homosexuality looking for gay role models to walk me through the forest, and I found a connection in both of their stories. I needed guidance and both were men who weren't afraid to be themselves, had such incredible visions, left their mark in their own special ways and whose stories couldn't be more different. But they shared these fine threads of connection and probably never really knew each other.

They both died about two years apart from each other, when I was just coming into my own, and I stumbled upon their separate works at just the right moment. When I was so young and dreaming of films to make in my adulthood, I wrote a screenplay that was a biopic for both using Keith's art to illustrate Sylvester's story and Sylvester's music to color Keith's. It's a project that's still on my to-do list but damn, if it wouldn't be incredible if both of those men were still around to influence my direction.    

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