Menswear Mondays: Julian Muhammad on his Hollywood-inspired fashion

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Fashion may move in waves of in and out, but true style is forever. This week we spotted Julian Muhammad, co-owner of a clothing store, on the D-Line Lite Rail. Continue reading to learn what baseball team influenced his kicks, his style mantra, and which group of Hollywood actors inspire his personal style.

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Name: Julian Muhammad.

Spotted at: West Colfax Avenue and Lipan Street.

Profession: I'm business partners with a guy who owns two clothing stores. We sell clothes from Nepal and India.

Favorite film: Braveheart.

2013 jam:Anything by Enrique Iglesias.

Style inspirations/icons: Movie stars like Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Richard Gere.

Favorite color: This year I'm feeling orange and black together, for some reason.

Favorite accessory: Watches. I used to have a Rolex. I love Cartier accessories, too.

Style mantra: I pray to God always. I thank God every day while I'm getting dressed.

Shops at: H&M, Macy's and online for specialty items.

These orange-and-black detailed sneakers feature the San Francisco Giants logo. They are also Muhammad's favorite color scheme this year. His love of fashion was first ignited when he worked at Macy's years ago.

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Style analysis: Muhammad demonstrates how to mix up formal menswear -- his camel overcoat -- with casual sportswear -- his maroon wool hat and Giants sneakers.He models his look on those of some of Hollywood's leading actors, and every day appreciates that he is able to get dressed, thanking God.

Never take your fashion for granted, Denver.

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