The ten best local drag queen names

Brandon Marshall
Drama Drag in full effect.
The drag scene in Denver is bigger and better than ever -- in 2013, Miss Queen of Aces showed the city what it took to put on a successful and community-driven beauty-pageant fundraiser. Tracks' Drag Nation also took a turn in the spotlight for its Best Ongoing Drag Event. Inspired by the beautiful performers who give their all to these fantastic shows, here's a list of our favorite local drag-queen monikers.

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10. Daniella DeCoteau
Catch her when the former Miss Queen of Aces makes special appearances throughout the year at Hamburger Mary's Club M.

Koko Brentano
9. Kylie Vanderpump
Catch her at Ultimate Queen Contest: RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Parties.

Karma Skye and Ms. DeMarco.
8. Porsha DeMarco
Catch her at Ultimate Queen Contest: RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Parties.

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Wesley Honegger
Wesley Honegger

I can't believe you guys left out Chocolate Thunderpussy. That "girl" is a fucking legend.


Grats Shanida on making this list. :) 


Nice but I only agree with half of them. When Denver is the Queen City of the plains, and you have a multitude of Queens here and names from performers over 40 years worth that are still going strong. You only picked the Tracks/Drag Nation performers, check your history, there are alot of crazy names here!


@shanidalawya @denverdiva64 I'll give ya that Shanida, however, when the majority of them are from there and in our history and Even
The Denver Cycle Sluts and Demented Divas There are some funny ass names. When this article really just did not do there research and please don't get touchy here, all I was saying is they didn't do their research, I have no problem with your name, it is a great name and I was there when you were trying to find the best name and you did!

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