The Big Lebowski's ten most quotable moments

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Littleton will host its first-ever Quote-Along tonight, and it's chosen one of the most quotable films of all time to kick things off: The Big Lebowski. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a Quote-Along encourages the audience to recite the best lines of the film as it's screening, and helps keep things lively with the occasional prop-assisted activity. For those unfamiliar with The Big Lebowski, well... stop reading this and go watch it. Seriously, that's just messed up.

Now that you know what you're getting at tonight's The Big Lebowski Quote-Along, we''re giving you a chance to polish your knowledge -- and pass twenty minutes or so of your boss's time on a Friday -- with this compilation of the best quotes from the film, presented in convenient video form. It's obviously NSFW, so put on the headphones, lest your co-workers be alarmed at all the shouting about fucking a stranger in the ass. Oh, and if it somehow isn't completely obvious, this is nothing but spoilers all the way.

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The scene: The Lebowskis meet, and The Dude tries his damnedest to clarify that he's not really "Mr. Lebowski."
The quote: "Let me explain something to you. I am not Mr. Lebowski. You are Mr. Lebowski. I'm The Dude, so that's what you call me. That, or his Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing."

The scene: The Dude and Walter confront a kid who they think has their money. Walter goes apeshit when the kid isn't too helpful.
The quote: "This is what happens when you a fuck a stranger in the ass!" repeated several times, with great gusto.

The scene: Various -- this one is actually a compilation of scenes of Walter reminding Donny his input is not needed.
The quote: "Shut the fuck up, Donny"

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Kelly Love LY
Kelly Love LY

I haven't seen this...but after watching clips. I want to.

Mike Scott
Mike Scott

Careful, man, there's a beverage here!

Jay Mesa
Jay Mesa

"Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with nail polish. These fucking amateurs..."

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