Womenswear Wednesdays: Esthetician Domini Rivera on her baby-doll style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Until yesterday's snowfall, women were beginning to show more skin on the streets, in honor of spring. On a recent sunny day, we spotted local trendsetter Domini Rivera, a Denver native and esthetician. Continue reading to find out which era inspires her look, her style mantra and which part of her outfit she created herself.

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Name: Domini Rivera.

Spotted at: 15th and Larimer streets.

Profession: Esthetician.

Favorite film: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

2013 jam: I like the genre of East Coast hip-hop. Some artists I like are Del the Funky Homosapien and Dr. Octagon.

Style inspirations/icons: I like baby dolls, and any baby doll-inspired art. The victorian era is nice, too.

Favorite accessory: Necklaces.

Favorite color: Burgundy.

Style mantra: I usually put on a mixture of what I have. I also factor in my mood, the occasion and the weather.

Shops at: Thrift stores, mainly. I like to hit up different ones that are outside of Denver.

dom necklace.jpg
Necklaces are a favorite Rivera accessory; this one features a skull-and-crossbones motif. In this photo you can also see her birdcage tattoo, a permanent accessory.

dom hands.jpg

Here is another one of Rivera's permanent accessories: a small butterfly inked on her hand.

dom leg.jpg
These fishnet stockings are burgundy, Rivera's favorite color. She added a personal touch to the ensemble by cutting up tube socks and wearing the tops as leg warmers. "I like that Denver is growing," she says. "There are lots of new fashions popping up. We used to be lagging, but now I think we are catching up with other fashion capitals of the world."

dom bag.jpg
When we spotted Rivera, she was carrying this guitar-shaped bag. What's inside? "I don't have anything too special in there," she says. "I just have the usual: make-up, wallet and keys."

Style analysis: Rivera takes fashion cues from her favorite Victorian era. Her white lace dress paired with burgundy stockings screams baby doll, which is delicate and feminine. The custom-created leg warmers are a fun addition, and match her black scarf and guitar-like messenger bag. Rivera's entire outfit benefits from the juxtaposition of soft, baby-doll qualities and chic rocker details, like her necklace and tattoos.

Never be afraid to combine two styles to craft a new one, Denver.

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