Photos: A father tattoos his son (or does he?) in Certified Customs' new mural

The photo that started it all
Photos courtesy of Nando Mondragon and Gamma.
In this week's issue, we told you about Certified Customs Tattoos' new outdoor mural, which is drawing looks from neighbors and passersby because of what it depicts: Shop owner Nando Mondragon tattooing his three-year-old son, Chico. But images can be deceiving... Read "Skin Deep" for the full story behind the mural, and keep reading for more photos of Chico, Nando and other works from Gamma Acosta, the artist who created the mural.

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Gamma starts to paint over Certified Customs' previous mural.

Little Chico sees his picture on the wall after Gamma finishes most of the painting.

Gamma stands next to his latest spray painted work of art

An example of Gamma Acosta's other work.

The Bella Vista mural.

The Sandy Hook Tribute Mural located in Longmont.

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