100 Colorado Creatives: Norman Broomhall and Jean Albus

Jean Albus, "Magpie," from Into the Within, Hinterland Art Space.
#73: Norman Broomhall and Jean Albus

Norman Broomhall raises chickens, sells vintage objects and mirrors antiqued by hand, plays the guitar and takes photographs; Jean Albus is a photographer, as well. Both are inspired by the call of nature and, together, they've created Into the Within, an installation that's been creating a buzz since it opened at Hinterland Art Space on April 12.

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Altar detail, "Into the Within."
The heart of Into the Within -- which has something to do with magpie nests, secret places and a kind of spiritual naturalism -- is a walk through a thicket, realistically recreated by the artists inside Hinterland and lined with nests, hidden altars, images and bits of everyday flotsam and found objects. It is haunting, magical and supernatural -- and about to end its run at the RiNo gallery.

But first, Broomhall and Albus will host a First Friday closing reception at Hinterland from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, May 3, offering a last chance to experience their symbolic woodland world. Visit Hinterland online for details.

Though Albus lives in Montana, she's shown work in local galleries and calls Denver "my big city -- only eight hours away." And because her participation in Into the Within is so necessary to its impact, we asked her to join Broomhall in tackling our 100CC quiz as a duo, because, well, because. Every now and then, an honorary Coloradan passes through our state.

Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Norman Broomhall: I would love to do a project with Andy Goldsworthy and John Cale. They both have my dream jobs. One works with nature as art. The other creates sounds both serene and intense. I love both of their styles and I think the aesthetic created would be superlative. Sight, sound, earth...Imagine the possibilities.

Jean Albus: Since I'm relatively new to the art of installation, I wouldn't mind working with the king of landscape installation, Christo. I've watched every documentary ever made about his and Jean Claude's work. I was fortunate to view The Gates in NYC. His concepts are huge; he never gives up. The experiences he creates are of such a vast scope. I'd love to be a part of that. But if he's not available, surely Andy Goldsworthy would be cool with a collaboration. I would be satisfied to sit quietly and watch, waiting for orders. He has incredible tenacity and a connection to nature that resonates with me. I'd love to absorb some of that.

Continue reading for more on Albus and Broomhall.

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