The eight hottest robots in pop-culture history

Gigolo Joe from A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Men don't come much hotter than Jude Law, and thus it follows that robots don't come much hotter than the one he portrays in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Naturally, Law's robotic alter ego isn't designed for anything so mundane as welding cars together or taking care of sick people -- he's a gigolo bot, made for pleasure, because of course he is. Just look at him!

David from Prometheus
Set aside for a moment the fact that he's an evil, manipulative bastard who sets in motion the destruction of the ship and the death of all the crew in Prometheus. Also set aside the fact that the movie is terrible. Now, simply gaze upon the natural wonder that is Michael Fassbender's David, the dreamboat android. Those cheekbones could kill! The only question that remains is who would win in a robot hot-off between him and Jude Law's Gigolo Joe. The answer: We all would.

Buffybot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Buffybot is a near-perfect robot replica of Buffy Summers. Buffy is undeniably hot. Thus it follows logically that the Buffybot is hot. You know who loves logic? Robots do. Even the hot ones. Anyway, apart from the creepiness of making a robot replica of someone for the sordid purpose of being a sex toy for a vampire, it's hard to argue that the Buffybot was aesthetically pleasing. And she could even kick ass pretty well, as evidenced by her stint filling in for real Buffy while she was indisposed by being dead.

Terminatrix from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
The original T-800 model (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) was okay, if you're into muscles (and yes, plenty of people are). But for sheer hotness and pure aesthetic appeal, it's hard to beat the T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Portrayed by Kristanna Loken, the T-X is the sleekest, sexiest model ever to roll off the Skynet assembly lines. Plus, if you watch until the very end of the clip, you'll see it display a feature that many a man has wished for.

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Um, maybe a little more research? Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection, 7-of-9 from Star Trek Voyager?  Both are hotter than most you posted...just sayin'.


If you're including Gigolo Joe (more of a cyborg), then you really should have included Rachel, and possibly Deckard, from Blade Runner. 

Christy Young
Christy Young

Well Rosie isn't exactly "hot". She got shit done though.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

What is all this robot talk, I'd rather have the real thng than some piece of plastic machinery. The real thing feels much better in bed. ;>Q


Three words.  Seven of Nine!


Every Album cover from the band Autograph...

Michael Stork C
Michael Stork C

Join us at the Church of Appliantology.... i'll introduce you to a nice toaster with marital aids stuck all over her body... AND, she speaks German

James Gold
James Gold

I gotta go with the fembots. I mean... come on... tits that shoot? Awesome.

fishingblues topcommenter

#1 should be Nicole Kidman in the 2004 version of "The Stepford Wives".  No contest!  

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