Local dating site Lumidate helps online daters avoid the marrieds, criminals and catfishers

Before the advent of online dating, people used to meet their dating partners in real life, making it slightly easier to get a feel for personalities, lifestyles, families, personal assets and compatibilities. Internet-based dating admittedly is a more convenient way to meet people, but it's got its inherent pitfalls as well, such as misrepresentation, scammers, no-strings sex-seekers, cheaters, scammers and plenty of brazen liars. There is no perfect system, and dating will always have risks, but Colorado's new Lumidate service seeks to keep folks honest -- by requiring full background checks for all members.

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Serious criminal records aren't something your date always wants to reveal early on...or ever. Okay, so most people have done stupid things in their pasts like getting slapped with parking tickets or tearing the tags off their mattresses, but there are certain criminal acts that when convicted, should be the subject of admission to potential dates in order for them to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to partner up.

"Everyone has different standards on what are the most harmful lies and what hurts the most, but typically the most destructive lies are the most harmful ones," says Linda Dusenbury, President & CEO of new Colorado dating site Lumidate says. "When I founded Lumidate in November 2012, I made a commitment that our website would provide a healthy environment for relationship seekers -- one that provides peace of mind and an empowering experience for our members and subscribers. I was seeking to make this a service to inspire dating confidence, promote safe practice and encourage personal responsibility, choice and accountability."

The Internet is full of liars -- good ones, bad ones, some really great ones -- and there is a huge difference between shaving off a few pounds on a profile and pretending to be a well-heeled, super model hottie who travels internationally and farts gold dust. Those dipshidiots are usually easy to spot and avoid, but it's the lower-to-mid-level liars that seem to be the most successful at suckering dates into believing everything from "I'm single!" to "I'm gainfully employed and don't live in my auntie's pool house."

"In my experience people bend the truth in order to get what they want, and sometimes that's not in the best interest of the other person who wants someone to be who they say they are," says Dusenbury. "The ever-changing world of interpersonal relationships in the digital age allows for so much obscurity that individuals who join online dating services typically have no option but to believe what they are told."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "there are certain criminal acts that when convicted,"

So un-convicted criminals -- the vast majority --  are OK, best to weed out those few that were foolish enough to get caught in their crimes.

""If an applying member has any arrest or conviction for a felony, their membership is immediately denied"

So violent misdemeanors -- like spouse abuse or DUI -- are OK!

This sounds like a great dating site -- for myopic gullible fools.

fishingblues topcommenter

Perfect for the 'Donk'.  Maybe he can find a jenny on this site ...  

... and perhaps 'one leg' can find his other leg ... 

... and even yackoff might find something to eat.  

Jean Hawk
Jean Hawk

Glad I won't be one of them.

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay I get your point, but a BC is better than nothing--have you ever tried online dating??? That shit can get ugly, and any tool in the box is worth something...lol

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@fishingblues  ... Jenn is my jenny!

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@Eric Smiles Fake profiles set up to bilk money out of people. Sad shit, man. 

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