The ten best stores on Tennyson Street

Tenn Street Coffee and Books
It's ironic that nearly all the businesses mentioned when we named Tennyson Street the best neighborhood shopping district in 2011 have left the block or closed their doors (see the link below), including some that were strangled by prolonged street construction in the heart of the district. But now that the street's been put back together, the new Tennyson is blossoming with both new and renewed businesses. Healthy commerce is returning to Tennyson, and here are ten reasons why.

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10. Flesher-Hinton Music Company
Flesher-Hinton is the old man of Tennyson: The old-school, family-owned music store opened in 1951 and still offers the same kind of customer service that people took for granted decades ago. The store keeps a reputable library of both standard and hard-to-find sheet music, and offers instrument rentals, sales, repairs and in-house instruction, making it a go-to for families with an ear for music.

If a perfect cuppa is what you desire, Tracy and Emily Frickey's little side-street shop will ease your jones: A hand-picked, global selection of loose-leaf teas of every ilk -- eighty brands in all -- forms the cornerstone of MODesTEA's mission, accentuated by a savvy selection of brewing accessories and accoutrements to ensure the best tea experience.

8. Alice's Secret Garden
Alice's has the best yard on the Tennyson row, filled with garden whimsies of every size and style. That was reason enough for us to tout the shop as our Best Yard Art Store in 2013. Here's what we said:

Indoors, Alice's is filled with nooks and crannies full of bohemian gowns, beaded evening bags, baubles and bangles, antiques, fleece dolls and sweet-smelling toiletries. But it's outside, in the beautiful front garden, where Alice's really blooms. Among real trees and blossoms enclosed by a cast-iron fence is a trove of fantastical yard art for sale: gazing balls and fabulous, rustic topsy-turvy birdhouses made by Crooked Creations, whimsical sculpted-tin farm animals and fanciful flower stakes. Step inside the gate, and you might come away with something lovely with which to decorate your own garden.

Continue reading for more top shops on Tennyson Street.

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All the best stores of 2011 are gone, but it’s not ironic. Too many hobbyists have tried their hand on Tennyson.That’s OK for the weekenders, bad for the hood, and terrible for the hobbyists.Good businesses have staying power, and customers. Here’s to another 50 years at Tennyson Hardware and Chuck’s Barbershop. What's the expected two-year survival rate of this year’s Top Ten?


Since Tennyson Street is the coolest street in Denver, and Denver is my favorite city in the USA, and, gotta say, I love the USA more than any other country in the World, and the World is the only known one with streets in the Universe-- I can say Tennyson Street is the best street in the Universe.  I think the Oriental Theater is the hub of it all.  Tennyson Street welcomes you to come hang out, it could only be cooler if you were here.  Cheers!

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