Last call! Westword is organizing its first Comics issue -- and we want to include you

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noah van sciver starfest 2012 piece.jpg
Noah Can Sciver
Scenes from Westword illustrator Noah Van Sciver's last trip to a convention.
Holy opportunity, Batman! Just in time for the second Denver Comic Con, Westword will publish its first Comics issue on May 30, 2013 -- and we want you to be a part of it. We're accepting submissions from any Colorado artist who'd like to create a cartoon about life in the Mile High City, and we'll be giving cash prizes to those who create our favorite pieces.

And the best part? The winning cartoonists will find their pieces printed in our first Comics issue.

Continue reading for more details about the contest -- including prize money and sizing options. But fair warning: The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. today.

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Become a part of Westword's 2013 Comics Issue

Questions? Send any inquiries or submissions to

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query,  will this be an ongoing thing, or was this comic contest a one time deal?   will there be comics continuing in the westword in the forseen future?

Charlie Milo
Charlie Milo

That looks so awesome! How does THIS work? :)

Jeff Buske
Jeff Buske

shit , really - though it was the 15th?


Are stick figures accepted ?

I am a horrible artist BUT am able to produce quality 'stick-figures', w/o resorting to ANY 'poop jokes' in the dialog . I do a '1-Legged' stick-man of myself that will amaze, while offending the holy hell out of you !

Dan Conner
Dan Conner

already submitted! thanks, Marcus Andrew Hyde!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Kenny Be  ... or you continue to FAIL!

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