Womenswear Wednesdays: Fashion student Nada Alhajji on her Barbie style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
As the late spring days begin to heat up in Denver, so does street style. This week, we spotted Nada Alhajji, a fashion student at the Art Institute of Colorado, rocking a string of top American designers put together in an interesting way. Continue reading to learn where she shops, which French designer inspires her the most, and what her style mantra is.

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Name: Nada Alhajji.

Spotted at: 16th and Welton streets.

Profession: I'm studying fashion at the Art Institute of Colorado.

Favorite film: Coco Before Chanel.

2013 jam: Any song by Drake.

Style inspirations/icons: Gabrielle Chanel is the most inspiring.

Style mantra: I'm the cutest thing ever. I also tell myself that I'm Barbie.

Favorite color: Black.

Favorite accessory: Shoes: I have over a dozen -- I have a wall of shoes.

Shops at: The Cherry Creek Mall. I love all brands, but particularly the Balenciaga and Neiman Marcus stores.

This waist belt, with its gold-chain detail, adds a pop of yellow color to her black-and-white outfit.

This black leather Michael Kors purse features a gold chain and matches her belt.

Alhajji wears a pink and gold-tipped manicure and pearl bracelet to represent her Barbie-like style. A native of Saudi Arabia, Alhajji says, "When I first came to Denver, I was so surprised to see people dressing so casual. Where I'm from, people dress very formal, and that is something that has stuck with me."

These platform heels add height to Alhajji's ensemble, match her black blazer, and keep her a notch above the competition. "Some people think I'm from New York here because of how I dress, but, no, I'm from Saudi Arabia," Alhajji explains.

Style analysis: While many people study fashion, only a few implement it in their daily lives. Alhajji takes fashion cues from her two biggest icons: Gabrielle Chanel and Barbie. Alhajji uses black Ray-Ban wayfarers, a Juicy Couture watch and a Michael Kors bag, all of which show her love for American fashion. The blazer adds a nice contrast to her white pants, and the belt adds a splash of color. The formal elements of her outfit, blazer and high heels, honor the culture of her homeland, Saudi Arabia.

Always relate your street style to your favorite places in the world, Denver.

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