Womenswear Wednesdays: Kissing Party singer Deirdre Sage on her '90s hip-hop style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha.
Denver is brimming with talent and style -- and sometimes, the two clash perfectly together, as is the case with Kissing Party singer Deirdre Sage. We recently spotted the musician at the Mouth House following one of the band's performances and questioned her about her fashion choices. Continue reading to learn about her favorite places to shop in Denver, her varied style icons, and what her style mantra is.

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Name: Deirdre Sage.

Spotted at: The Mouth House, at 29th and California.

Profession: Lead singer of local band Kissing Party and also works in sports.

Favorite film: Blue Velvet.

2013 jam: "Bam Bam," by Sister Nancy, has been in my head.

Style inspirations/icons: Kelly Bundy, Traci Lords in Cry Baby,, Joey Ramone, the Denver Roller Dolls, Aqua Net and my grandmother's costume jewelry.

Favorite accessory: My gold lion-head necklace and my Schott motorcycle jacket.

Favorite color: Black.

Style mantra: I mostly think about RuPaul, and I imagine having to lip-sync for my living.

Shops at: MegaFauna on 27th and Larimer has a solid-gold collection of locally created wearable art, so I like them! And of course, ARC Thrift and stripper stores in suburban malls.

These are Sage's bracelets, which she wears mixed together. She has a black bangle, yellow beads and gold spikes alongside her polka-dot manicure.

Not only does Sage wear multiple bracelets, but she's got on multiple necklaces, as well. Here she showcases pearls, her favorite gold-lion necklace, which resembles a Versace theme, and a bedazzled cross.

These leggings are ripped up and have a grunge-punk-rock feel to them; here Sage wears them with classic black Keds.

Sage picked up this tote bag at a music festival in Greece three years ago. Let's take a look at some items inside it:

This mask allows for an easy costume change before hitting the stage. Sage also keeps water, makeup and Aqua Net in her tote bag to remain flaw-free at all times.

"I am from the same town as Ween and the Berenstain Bears: Pennsylvania," Sage says. "Denver is the wild West, so anything goes here."

Style analysis: Sage blends all of of her style icons into one to form her own look. The patterned dress is something that Kelly Bundy would wear, while the black leather jacket, distressed leggings, and Keds are all very rock n' roll. The gold lion necklace adds '90s hip-hop flair to the ensemble and is reminiscent of the glory days of Versace, when Gianni Versace still designed for the haus, in the early '90s. The pearls and cross are very theatrical like her grandmother's costume jewelry.

Always have your own voice in the fashion world, Denver.

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Hah.True, Deirdre does often sing out of tune, with a haphazard, often-sloppy band behind her.But I like that, artistically; it is infinitely more interesting/endearing to watch than the ubiquitous, Americana, harmonic, earthy, reverb-laden stuff going on everywhere (even though a lot of that is quite good as well), or the so-called experimental, noisy, guitar stuff that is often derivative to the point of being tonally formulaic (not always, of course, and, again, a lot of that is quite good too, but not necessarily interesting, depending on your taste/history).Electroclash has been dead for over a decade; it is old enough that a reference to that style might be more of a reaction to the current ruling fads than a sign of naiveté.Or maybe not.Either way, it is fun.Just an aesthetic preference I suppose, inconsequential in the big picture.


90s hiphop, huh. played out 2003ish electroclash without the creativity. But there's still time to learn to sing in tune.

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