Photos: Street artist David Choe paints a new piece at 13th and Champa streets

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All photos by Trevor Andersen.
Savvy street-art fans might have noticed that a new work has appeared by the foot bridge that traverses the intersection of 13th and Champa streets. The murals that already filled that space are now accompanied by more works by the same artist -- with permission from the city. Creator David Choe reappeared in Denver last Friday, this time with a film crew from VICE's Thumbs Up!, a social documentary series that takes a looks at traveling cross-country. And during his stop, he made Denver a little bit more colorful. Keep reading for more photos of his latest work.

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Thumbs Up! is now in its fourth season, which finds David Choe, the host, and his transient companions making their way from San Francisco to Florida by any means necessary -- as long as it doesn't involve money. In previous seasons, the travelers trekked from Los Angeles to New York, Mexico to Alaska, and crossed the Pacific last year to journey from one end of China to Beijing.


Choe's new works by the Denver Performing Arts Complex are portraits of people from earlier seasons of the show, including Harry Kim, who appears on the wall sporting his trademark coonskin hat.



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Denver Center for Performing Arts

1101 13th St., Denver, CO

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