Menswear Mondays: Starving artist Jesse Briata on his androgynous style

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
As Denver Pridefest came to a close Sunday, many people pulled out their most colorful rainbow gear or their most over-the-top fashion. A few individuals did it uniquely, in their own interpretation of being proud. One of those people is local starving artist, Jesse Briata, who wore a mix of floral leggings with menswear. Read about his style inspirations, favorite films, and where he shops right here.

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Name: Jessie Briata.

Spotted at: 20th and Welton streets.

Profession: Starving artist. I make music and videos. Check out my music under the name Lockbox here.

Favorite film: Akira, Ghost in The Shell, and then Toy Story; the first one is classic.

2013 jam: "OG Master," by Kingdom.

Style inspirations/icons: Young Chester Cheetah. Also, androgyny.

Favorite color: Gold.

Favorite accessory: I like fake Ray Bans. Designer impostor shades are sick. I like knock-offs. I have a small box full.

Style mantra: What would Tupac do?

Shops at: The Gap and the Goodwill. I like thrift stores. Sometimes at Rhinoceroplolis I get free merchandise at shows. Girls give me clothes, too.


Briata sports one rainbow accessory: his spiral rainbow necklace, and a button of a desert landscape. On his own aesthetics, Briata says, "I think every color and visual aesthetic should be taken into account. The more specific and conceptual it is the more 21st century it is because we have to get more and more specific. We are all hyper individualized. Everyone is open to art now; art is post-scarce."

These floral printed leggings add an unexpected twist to Briata's ensemble of menswear featuring blue shorts and blue Nike high-top sneakers. "I like the androgynous look of leggings on men; I can have matrix code or whatever I want running down my leg," explains Briata.

Style analysis: Briata forms his own fashion concepts to cement his identity in this artistic world. His printed short sleeve button up, cut-off shorts and Nike tennis shoes are all staples of summer menswear, while the floral leggings and accessories make his outfit specialized to his fashion philosophy: androgyny. He gives a subtle nod to Pridefest with his rainbow necklace and challenges ideas of what men can wear in the process. His look begs the question: how many men can pull off leggings?

Always carve your own niche using menswear, Denver.

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Floral leggings on a guy... I don't think so. Please no, let me get use to men wearing pain black leggings fist before exposing me to men in paterned tights.

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