Ten places you and your dog will love this summer

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Dogs just want to have fun -- and fortunately, Denver has no shortage of places where you can take your pet. The Mile High City has dog-friendly salons, bars, stores and parks, of course. Here are ten places you and your dog will love this summer:

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Denver Pet Expo
August 17, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., free
Denver Mart
The Denver Pet Expo is an annual event that gives pet owners the chance to show off their furry friends, snag free goodies and meet renowned characters in the pet world. The 2013 incarnation is especially exciting for dog owners, since Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet's Pit Boss will be making an appearance with his pit bull, Hercules.

Washington Park
Downing Street and Louisiana Avenue
Denver is a city full of great parks, but Washington Park may be the most emblematic of them. The 154 acres in this urban oasis include flowerbeds, tennis courts, two lakes and several off-leash areas. Not only is this park a favorite with human residents, but it's also an ideal spot to give your dog a social life: There's never a shortage of pooches here, especially during the warm months.

Stella's Coffeehaus
1476 South Pearl Street
Attention, all pastry-loving dog owners: You can have your cake (or muffin) and eat it, too. Stella's not only makes wonderful coffee and tasty pastries, but it has a large, dog-friendly porch equipped with water bowls and free dog treats. Conveniently located near Wash Park, Stella's ensures that your day can be more than just a pleasant walk in the park.

Continue reading for more dog-friendly places.

Location Info


Denver Mart

451 E. 58th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

Washington Park

Virginia Ave. and Downing St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Stella's Coffeehaus

1476 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Chatfield State Park

11500 N. Roxborough Park Road, Littleton, CO

Category: General

Barker Lounge

475 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

Category: Music

Cherry Creek Farmer's Market

Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot, Denver, CO

Category: General

Scott Carpenter Park

30th St. and Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO

Category: General

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