Westword Music Showcase: Today only, get $20 tickets with our special promo code

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Don't miss the 2013 Westword Music Showcase this Saturday, June 22.

If you haven't picked up your tickets to the Westword Music Showcase yet, now's the time -- and we've got a special hook-up for Show and Tell readers. Today only, you can buy tickets for $20 with our special promo code. Don't sleep on it! Prices are increasing every day from now until the Showcase, so if you want to go and want to save some of your hard-earned loot for more important things -- like, say, I don't know, beer -- here's your chance. Keep reading for the promo code.

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Enter this promo code when you buy your tickets:


Bonus: After you buy your tickets, come back here and let us know (be sure to sign in with Livefyre or leave your email address), and you'll be in the running for a VIP upgrade. We'll choose a winner on Friday morning, so be sure to check back if you enter.

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So the promo code is invalid. Was it ever valid?


I'm trying to get tickets. It says the promo code show is invalid.


I don't see no stinking promo code.


Thanks for the promo WW! Please enter me in VIP sweepstakes.

Kyomi Reinhard
Kyomi Reinhard

I'm trying to get tickets and it's saying i have an invalid promo code.... thoughts!?!

Kwhip moderator

@nathooligan Hey, nathooligan, you've won the VIP upgrade! What's your email address?

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