The ten best sets of twins in pop culture -- double the trouble!

Randy and Jason Sklar make a living off of their "twinning" jokes. The Sklar Brothers will be at the Comedy Works for a three-day run that starts June 27; in honor of their appearance in Denver, here's our list of the ten best sets of twins in pop culture.

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10. Fred and George Weasley
With tomato red hair, magic wands and mischievous pranks, these twins are crowd- pleasers. Though Fred and George aren't part of the main trio, they are a crucial part of the seven-part Harry Potter series. They helped rescue Harry from his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, faithfully made fun of Ron and his budding romance with Hermione, and gave wicked Professor Umbridge the ultimate middle finger with a fireworks display in the shape of a "W." And when they helping defeat "he who must not be named," Fred sacrificed his life for Hogwarts and the greater magical good.

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
For their amazing output alone, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deserve a spot on this list. The girls grew up in front of us; we saw them as babies when they switched off playing Michelle Tanner on Full House, we helped them solve crimes when they played kid detectives in The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley and we watched them crush on numerous boys during their teenage years. And then we watched them get in some very adult trouble.

8. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker
Luke and Leia always felt an intense connection to one another -- which they later found out was the bond between twins. To be fair, they didn't know they were twins when they locked lips. But that brief flirtation with incest pales when compared to the burden of being sci-fi heros while carrying Darth Vader's genes.

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You left out Marie and Cherie Currie!!!


You left out Marie and Cherie Currie!

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