100 Colorado Creatives: Cortney Lane Stell

Amande In, from "A New Perspective for Perspective," Philip J. Steele Gallery.
#58: Cortney Lane Stell

Cortney Lane Stell quietly goes about her work as gallery director at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, but her work has real impact: Stell consistently mounts exhibits at RMCAD that display global ideas and cutting-edge trends in art, bringing work by international artists to Lakewood. She also keeps track of what's happening in Denver's backyard, though, and when Carson Chan came aboard as the lead curator for next week's Biennial of the Americas, Stell was a natural choice to join the curatorial team, to address what and who is up-to-the-minute in the regional art scene.

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Cortney Lane Stell browsing at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
In anticipation of the Biennial and Stell's contributions to it -- particularly the all-Colorado exhibit First Draft at the McNichols Building -- we asked her to tackle our 100cc questionnaire. Stell's thoughts on what's interesting in art here and abroad follow.

Andrew Marzol and Tynan Kerr, in "Something About the State of Being," Philip J. Steele Gallery.
Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Cortney Lane Stell: Well, my first response is, collaborate in what way? I guess it could be in exhibition-making, writing or edutainment/events, as those are the main fields that circulate in curating.

I would collaborate with Marcel Duchamp and Michel Foucault on an exhibition. Or I would collaborate with Shel Silversteen and Slavoj Zizek on a fiction novel. Perhaps I need to have more under my belt before either of those collaborations, though....

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

I am super-interested in Speculative Realism and Object Orient Ontology right now, both philosophies that look at anti-humanist perspectives in relation to being in the world. In opposition to traditional causal determinist philosophies, the Speculative Realists are looking at nature and our relations to objects in the world in interesting ways. Its stuff that's at least worth a good Googling for anyone interested in objects, namely artists.

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