Photos: Groundswell Gallery's Exquisite Corpse: Stamped and Mailed, in bits and pieces

A piece of the puzzle: Harikrishnan Panicker and Sameer Kulavoor.

Putting together an exquisite corpse exhibit would be no easy task for a gallerist in any case, but Rebecca Peebles and Danette Montoya of the adventurous Groundswell Gallery made their mission even more challenging: For Exquisite Corpse: Stamped and Mailed, they tapped a whopping 44 local artists to choose partners in a massive exchange of blind art collaborations. Even the artists themselves won't see the final results until the show opens tomorrow night.

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Each artist mailed his or her half-a-work to the gallery, and Peebles shot the following images as they were unpacked for assembling (the packaging was interesting, too). Exquisite Corpse opens at Groundswell on Saturday, July 13 with a reception from 7 to 10 p.m., and will remain on view through August 6. Continue reading for an unfinished vision of how the show will unfold.

Donald Fodness and Alvin Gregorio.

Tyler Beard and Linda Lopez.

Austyn Taylor and Bethany Schwarz.

Continue reading for more Exquisite Corpse images.

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