Comedian Ben Roy on motorcycles, politics and how he's like Bill Cosby

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Robert Drew Burleson
This hilarious bit of photoshop wizardry, wherein Ben Roy is depicted as Vigo the Carpathian, is as gratuitous as it is hilarious.

Bill Cosby is the only comedian that everyone has listened to with their entire family. Everybody likes Bill Cosby.

He was our generation's comedy mega-star. I've told people a thousand times that I'm doing my impression of Bill Cosby. That's why I sit on a stool. It's skewed, though, because how I feel onstage is informed by performing music, like touching people and getting in their face. That's how music was.

Do you have books that you like reading to your son? Any favorite kid's books, or childhood favorites you've passed along?

I'm like the worst dad on the planet. If I like a book, it's almost never anything that will enrich him. I'm like, "Look Milo, it's a whole book about turds and how to identify different types of animal turds in the woods. It's called Who Pooped in the Park? As he's getting older, we've bought him a bunch of Choose Your Own Adventure fantasy books. We want him to develop an imagination. They don't necessarily have any philosophical view or social idea behind them, they're more about nurturing his creativity and letting him have fun and be silly. He's eight, you know? He's reading, I think it's called The Prince and the Magic Quest. Roald Dahl is great. We've been reading the BFG. Reading the BFG aloud to him is so fun because the way that the Big, Friendly Giant speaks is pretty funny. Dahl's use of language -- I hate to say this because it sounds so pretentious--

Sounding pretentious is what this series is all about.

Dahl's word choice is almost Mark Twain-esque. Bringing that authentic Southern dialect to life in literature is what Twain was known for. That Southern folksy way of talking. It's that way with Dahl, too, where you can sort of hear it and I can act it out for him. He enjoys that. He's a typical eight-year-old, though. When we read to him, he loves it, but when he has to read for school, it's like pulling teeth. He's a lot like I am; he doesn't like to sit still a lot. He'd rather go climb trees. When he was real young it was Where the Wild Things Are. We love all those classic childhood books. They're classics for a reason.

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