Francis Roces on finding one's path and the art of balancing art and commerce

Model Cameron shows off a KimonoDragons menswear design by Francis Roces.
Editor's note: Longtime Denver fashion designer Francis Roces, whose brand name is KimonoDragons, is half of the inaugural pair of PAIR residents at Denver's Powerhaüs Studio. As part of his three-month residency, he and his fine-art counterpart, Charlie Boots, will be reporting from the real world via Show and Tell, as they learn the ropes from studio mentors Mona Lucero, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy and Jimmy Sellars. Applications are now being accepted for the second PAIR residency though September 15; visit the website for details. Roces's latest post follows.

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7/30/13Another week is on its way, and another month is about to end. Things come, and things go. That is life. I am writing this blog to talk about things in my life. I am adjusting to the decisions that I have made in the past. Since I have been laid off from my server job, I have been trying to make things work on a limited budget. There are days where I wished that it was just me and my sewing machine. But bills can only wait for so long, and the complications of being in a long-term relationship come a-calling.

Today, I worked alongside my life partner at his work, and I got to see how he spends his days. It was nice to see a day in his work-life. He told me that he liked having me around because I made things easier for him. I answered the phone and handed him tools as he installed window tints at homes in Parker and Highlands Ranch. That made a full day.
Lately, I have been traveling lighter and looking for ways to get rid of stuff. I have donated a quarter of my closet to a local thrift store and disposed of 75 percent of my magazines. It might be because I am getting older and things that interested me in the past no longer hold my attention.

Since I have been in the PAIR program at the PowerHaus Studio, I have been using fabrics that have been in my stash for good, long time. I am progressively going through my patterns and sorting them out. I have been sewing as much as I can and working on future collections. I'm getting more selective on the shows I do and not worrying about what people say. I know who I like working with and who I'd rather not talk about. Like the saying goes, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all."

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