100 Colorado Creatives: Matthew Hunzeker

Matthew Hunzeker in the studio with some of his creations.
#55: Matthew Hunzeker

Back in January, our first 100CC subject in 2013, artist Donald Fodness, chose Matthew Hunzeker -- a northern Colorado ambient musician who performs using hybrid instruments of his own invention -- as his favorite Colorado Creative. It was an intriguing choice, purposely drawn from outside Fodness's own artistic milieu. Hunzeker, he explained, is a creative loner operating far outside the norm, in an off-the-grid world of his own making.

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As Fodness said of Hunzeker:

He performs Folk Noir as a one-man band with instruments he pieces together using various cultural detritus. These instruments recall the bedpan guitar or cookie-tin banjo, but he also incorporates electronic parts and found digital samples. In addition to his music, I am really inspired by his hermetic lifestyle. He lives off the grid in a small rural studio, collecting water and living in rhythm with the sun. It reminds me of when I used to have a converted chicken coop as a studio and live in my van.

That works for us. Hunzeker will perform as part of tomorrow night's Gorinto program, Homemade Instrument Showcase Redux, at the Mercury Cafe; he'll be creating drones and loops using everything from bone horns to a sitar-guitar hybrid. Music begins at 8 p.m.; admission is $5 and food is available for an additional $5. Visit the Facebook event page for details.

In preparation for the performance, we asked Hunzeker to answer our 100CC questionnaire. Continue reading for his take on the artist's experience.

Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Matthew Hunzeker: That's a hard question. I couldn't pick one specific person in to collaborate with; there are too many choices throughout history and I have many interests. I would say that I would love to collaborate with scientists doing work with regard to sound. Also, I would love to collaborate with scientists or researchers who work in the field of neuroscience. I would really like to collaborate with people who work with sound and music who could add to my work with a more scientifically based concept. One example would be to work with a researcher that does work to explain and understand different sound frequencies and how they affect the body, brain and mind. I'd like to have a better scientific understanding of what I do with my own music and sound art; collaborating in this area of interest would be exciting to me.

Continue reading for more from Matthew Hunzeker.

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Mercury Cafe

2199 California St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Spiritual? This is a guy who hasn't attempted to contact his own daughter more than once in the last 14 months and threatens his kids' mom with jail/harassment charges simply for trying to communicate everyday issues.

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