100 Colorado Creatives: Alicia Bailey

Photo by Alicia Bailey.
Installation of materials used for Alicia Bailey's "Lovely and Amazing" series.
#45: Alicia Bailey

Alicia Bailey is an exacting artist who works in -- but isn't limited to -- the book arts, which are the original focus of her Abecedarian Gallery in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. Creator and curator, Bailey displays a rare attention to detail, difficult processes and the intellectual and personal intimacies tucked between the pages of artist books, prints and box installations. Bailey adheres to that private branch of artistry that is partly scientific in nature; like an art librarian, she amasses work by artists of a similar mind from across the nation.

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Scott Waknin
Alicia Bailey at Lakeside.
After a short break, Bailey is revving Abecedarian back up today with its first fall exhibitions: Louise Levergneux: Representations in the Main Gallery and Extended Horizons in the Reading Room; there will be a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, September 20. And on October 4, Bailey will have her own show, Lovely and Amazing -- a tribute to her late great-aunt Ruth Wheeler, a naturalist whose specimens and photographs are incorporated by Bailey into artist books, collages and boxes -- down the street from Abecedarian at Niza Knoll Gallery.

In preparation for this period during which Bailey will be very much in the limelight, we invited her to share her thoughts about the artist's life by answering our 100CC questionnaire. Read on to learn her point of view.

Photo by Alicia Bailey.
"Animal Mineral Vegetable #2," artists' book from the "Lovely and Amazing Series."

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Abecedarian Gallery

910 Santa Fe , Unit, Denver, CO

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Niza Knoll Gallery

915 Santa Fe, Denver, CO

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