Ailing animal artist Dede LaRue and friends put their work on the block at the Mercury Cafe

"Fat Bitch."
Dede LaRue, loved around town for her funny and sometimes political animal sculptures, has "got art bubbling over in her, and she just isn't done," says her friend Renna Shesso. So it only makes sense that when LaRue's fighting for her life, it's art that will help her get through the hard times. LaRue's undergoing treatment for breast cancer at great cost, so her friends pulled together to throw an art auction fundraiser from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight, September 20, at the Mercury Cafe, where LaRue's popular work is the main -- but not the only -- attraction.

Here's an all-LaRue preview of art that will be up for silent bidding; other artists donating work include John Bonath, Katie Hoffman, Deborah Jang, Kim Allen, Susan Goldstein, Dale Chisman and many others. For a complete roster,visit the online preview page.

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"Baby Lab."


Continue reading for more LaRue artworks.

Location Info

Mercury Cafe

2199 California St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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there is a piece of Dede's at Kaiser Permanente and everyone, and I mean everyone, smiles when they see it. She deserves help now- her art has helped many people.

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