Now Showing: Photographers Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi Sink

For this year's Now Showing, Westword's fall arts guide (you'll find it tucked into our September 26 issue), we asked artistic movers and shakers to answer a few questions about the state of the arts, both locally and around the world. We'll be rolling out their answers over the next few weeks in pairs that combine both veterans and newcomers in similar disciplines. Today, we'll hear from Denver photographers Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi Sink.

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Mark Sink

It seems like photographer Mark Sink, who long ago hung out with Andy Warhol at the Factory, knows everyone in our local fine-arts circles, but he crosses lines without a thought, hobnobbing with the town's art mavens as easily as he actively supports young artists and galleries in garages. Sink is a galvanizer who never finds an idea too big to chase down: Denver's massive Month of Photography, which he organizes every other year, is a case in point. And let's not forget his work -- lately, gorgeous collodion wet-plate prints in the early analog tradition -- which is just simply beautiful.

What do you think of recent developments in your field, and the current scene?

I am excited with the growth of the Month of Photography.

The pendulum is swinging back, with interest coming back in analog photography. Kids born in 1990, at the end of analog photography, are now adults and are returning to it. Schools that tore out darkrooms in the 1990s are now putting them back in.

The iPhone used as a professional art-making tool. iPhone used as a professional photojournalist tool. The increasing development of ultra-sensitive camera chips. It is changing the way a photographer uses light.

What could be done to improve the scene?

We desperately need a large photography and new-media exhibition center. More art media. More critical review. More money for fine-art education and practice in public schools.

Who/what has inspired you most in your career?

I am a left-handed dyslectic, so I was always behind and slow, So I am grateful to the rare teachers who saw something in me that others did not. They saved my life.

Who/what will you be watching for this arts season?

I am always interested in the young new curators and galleries. Gildar, GroundSwell, Blackbook, Leon, The Station.

Visit Mark Sink's website for more information.

Continue reading for our interview with Kristen Sink.

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