Menswear Mondays: DIA worker Diwas Uprepti on his American fashion

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All photos by Mauricio Rocha
Many people change their style when they change their setting. But that's not always the case, as we noticed with DIA worker Diwas Uprepti and his American style. Keep reading to learn which states influence his look, where he shops, and what he uses as his style mantra.

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Name: Diwas Uprepti.

Profession: I work at DIA (Denver International Airport).

Spotted at: 17th and Welton streets.

Favorite film: I like any indie comedy.

2013 jam: I like Tere Bina music.

Style inspirations/icons: I used to live in Ohio, so that inspired my look.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses, but I forgot mine today.

Style mantra: I like to look good and feel good.

Shops at: I shop at the Aurora Mall: Aeropostale, JC Penney and also Gen-X.

These shoes are not the exact same shade of blue as the pants, but they give that illustion, making the look seem well-rounded. The color also contrasts nicely with Uprepti's yellow-striped polo.

Style analysis: Uprepti takes his style notes from a variety of locations: his hometown of Nepal, his former home in Iowa, and Denver, his current city of residence. The look he displays here is the epitome of classic casual American menswear: bright colors in a polo and pants combo. His sneakers give an urban attitude, and the studded belt adds a slight nod to rocker styles. Uprepti shows how looking good and feeling good is universal to many cultures and locales.

Always stay true to your personal style regardless of your surroundings, Denver.

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Joktan Rogel

"Menswear Mondays: DIA worker Diwas Uprepti on his American fashion"

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