Photos: Abstract Paintings from Al Wynne at Z Art Department

Z Art Department
Michael Paglia visits Z Art Department in this week's review, taking in a solo show featuring work by the late Al Wynne. Wynne was a large part of the mid-century modern art scene in Colorado, but a majority of his life's work was destroyed in a forest fire last summer. These are some of the only remaining pieces.

Continue reading for photos from the exhibit.

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Z Art Department

Z Art Department

Z Art Department

Z Art Department

Z Art Department

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Z Art Dept.

1136 N. Speer Blvd., Denver, CO

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I keep coming back to study these pictures over and over. For those of you who think that they are boring, try this--take the title of each piece of art & try to figure out why he named it that. This has added to my fun & pleasure of these treasures. Examples- look at Self Portrait & at Tandem. Truthfully, on some, I have no idea what he is talking about with the words or phrases he uses but I'm having so much fun (truly -- no sarcasm) looking up the words to try to understand what he is showing in the painting. It's like a puzzle! Some commenters much smarter than me have offered information about the background art & books. Thank you for adding to my fun! For those of you who say it is merely technique & nothing more, who else does this? I keep coming back to the realization that the reason he paints the crumpled tin foil is because he can. Can you do that? Could you take, say, a piece of clear shrink wrap and crumple it and perfectly reproduce it on a blank canvas? !!



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