100 Colorado Creatives: Brian Corrigan

The OhHeckYeah Kickstarter video goes live during Denver Digerati's Friday Flash in September.
#40: Brian Corrigan.

Brian Corrigan dreams big -- in 3D -- and his latest project means to recreate cyberspace live on the streets of downtown Denver next summer as a way of bringing people and ideas together through life-sized gaming. If all goes according to plan, OhHeckYeah: An Immersive Street Arcade will utilize existing LED screens, monumental projections on buildings and street art in the Denver Theatre District to turn Champa Street between 14th Street and the 16th Street Mall into a living arcade, bringing characters alive via social media, cell phones and motion-controlled Microsoft Kinect devices. The underlying idea is one of creative community, that people who meet on the street through engaging in a game might go on to spark collaborations in the business world, too.

"I think the next creative economy is going to be a mash-of up Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue and Hollywood, and that's what Denver is -- all of those things are working together here," Corrigan says. "And the overarching thing about living in a real city is that you should be able to walk out of your house and just stumble onto the fun. If we can get one person to take an idea off the shelf and dust it off, we will have succeeded."

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Brian Corrigan and the OhHeckYeah team in the sound studio.
OhHeckYeah already has financial backing from the Denver Theatre District and through a $200,000 grant from ArtPlace America, but a gigantic cyber-playground of its scale -- featuring work by such nationally-known local digital agencies as Legwork Studio and Mode Set -- doesn't come cheaply. To that end, Corrigan recently launched a lofty $100,000 Kickstarter which runs through October 26.

Corrigan's not a stranger to this kind of project, and has acted as the behind-the-scenes guy on equally magical, if smaller, multimedia events for Create Denver. What makes him tick? We asked him to take our 100 Colorado Creatives questionnaire; his answers follow.

Continue reading for our interview with Brian Corrigan.

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If this non native is so excited about promoting Denver why not hire a local Denver native to be his voiceover talent and not someone from Hollyweird?

Melanie Mayner
Melanie Mayner

Nice profile Brian Corrigan - next summer will be very cool! :)

Michael Beckerman
Michael Beckerman

The single biggest thing that downtown Denver can do to increase revenue is to eliminate parking tickets all together. No one single thing keeps more people out of downtown Denver than the fear of getting a ridiculously expensive parking ticket just for forgetting their meter while they are out shopping of having a meal. Just that one thing alone costs downtown Denver millions of dollars in annual sales revenue and it costs the city the taxes they would collect on that revenue - not to mention all the bad will generated against the city and it's administration by residents in the process.

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