Five horror musicals we're dying to see made

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They're not here yet, but we can hope.
Just a scant few years ago, "horror musical" wasn't a big thing. Sure, you had your Rocky Horror Picture Show and your Little Shop of Horrors, but beyond those campy classics, there wasn't much love for fans of both murder and singing who wanted to see those two things brought together. Lately, though, musical adaptations of classic horror films are popping up everywhere. Just two months ago, Evil Dead: The Musical brought its singing, dancing and splatter zone to Denver. Tonight, Carrie: The Musical opens at the Bug Theatre, giving rage-filled telekinetic teenagers something to sing about. Outside of Denver, musical adaptations of everything from Re-Animator to Rosemary's Baby have graced stages large and small (okay, mostly small), with more popping up seemingly every day.

There are still plenty of classic horror out there waiting to be rendered in showtune form, though! Here are five horror classics we'd love to see get the musical treatment.

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As long as this thing gets a song, we're cool.
Don Coscarelli's tale of the world's creepiest funeral home director would make a wonderful musical. Why? Well, it's set in the '70s and two of the main characters are already in a band, for starters. That means lot of AM gold-influenced showtunes and feathered hair for everyone! Also, we'd really love to hear a song expressing the inner motivations of that horrific flying silver sphere, and those dwarf zombies would make for one hell of a chorus.

She did it all for Damien
The Omen
The top reason for an Omen musical> There just aren't enough showtunes about Satan. Can you think of a better way to rectify that? Neither can we. We're also looking forward to the big birthday party set piece and the nanny's song of suicidal joy titled "Damien (I Did it All for You)." Then there's the matter of the devil's kid. You just can't go wrong with devil children, especially when they sing a song of evil in those high, sweet voices. Beautiful, really.

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