100 Colorado Creatives: Janet Feder

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#34: Janet Feder
Denver musician Janet Feder started out a classical guitarist, but couldn't be held back by classical constraints. Experimentation with prepared guitar became her invention and her ouevre, and over the years, she's quietly become an integral working member of the experimental-music community not only on the Front Range, but around the world.

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A teacher, live performer and recording artist, Feder served as music chair at Naropa University for a time; these days, she also performs with Colin Bricker in the duo Cowhause. Now she's using her musical expertise to help curate MediaLive, an ambitious four-day multimedia festival hosted by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art that starts on Thursday, November 7. Well-qualified for a place in this series, Feder passed the 100CC questionnaire with flying colors. Read on.

Michael McGrath/McGphotos.com
If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Yikes! What a toughie right off the top. There are so many people across history I've admired. This is difficult to say with much more than conjecture and supposition because I don't actually know her, however, the person I'd love to play and collaborate with is Laurie Anderson. She embodies and projects the artist's way on all planes: performative, political, moral and contemplative. I have enormous appreciation for the sum total of her boundless and boundary-less contributions which are personal without being preachy, honest and compassionate and never contrived. She seems funny and curious and sometimes angry and always, always smart. Her integration of technology into her musical composition, performance and also her visual art happens in a way so personal to her that is always original -- quite a feat, across the decades.  She represents the best characteristics of so many artists whom I admire.  

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Yoko Ono never ceases to amaze me. She lives an astounding life, having globally and substantially impacted the arts, the environment and human rights issues beyond ... imagination. Pope Francis is really something. He totally had me at "Who am I to judge?" I did not see that one coming. In the entertainment world, Egyptian Bassem Youssef's irreverent middle finger to the propaganda and crooked politics of his country walks that fine and dangerous line of being both hilarious and courageous. As artists we're often prodded to commit to acting, playing, painting, writing as if our every breath depends on it. He reminds us that this is more than a mere concept.

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