Artist House Tour Series: Featuring Dana Cain and Mark Putt

Steve Hirsch Photography,
Dana Cain and Mark Putt's art-filled home.
Editor's note: Home designer Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she'll be sharing some of her favorite homes, by taking us inside the unique private spaces of metro Denver.

Denver creatives Dana Cain and Mark Putt bring living with art and music to a new level at their mid-century modern home located in the Centennial Estates neighborhood. Keep reading to see how Cain, an art collector and event planner, and Putt, a musician, add the awesome sprinkles to the top of their "design explosion" called home.

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Steve Hirsch Photography,
Dana and Mark performing in their basement music studio.

Westword: What kind of art do you collect?

Dana Cain: I collect all mediums. My collection focuses on local contemporary Colorado artists.

Where do you purchase your artwork?

Online -- I buy pieces that are posted on Facebook sometimes. I shop at galleries in most of the local art districts -- especially Navajo, Santa Fe Drive, and RINO. Those are the big three for me... I also buy out of artist's studios.

Local Colorado Artists
Steve Hirsch Photography,
Dana Cain's local Colorado Art Collection.
What's in your artist toolbox?

Sometimes, I use the invaluable tool of payment plans! Every artist and every gallery will let you make payments on a piece. Prices become less intimidating when you can break them out over six months or so.

What's your neighborhood?

My art collection is housed in a modest 1971 ranch house in the southwest Denver suburbs, near Lowell and Belleview. The neighborhood is called Centennial Estates because the old Centennial Racetrack was here.

Steve Hirsch Photography,
Dana Cain's local Colorado Art Collection.

Continue reading for more on Dana Cain's and Mark Putt's house.

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Love that they've made the space their own and embraced COLOR! But am confused about why this seventies era ranch house is described as mid-century modern?

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