Artist House Tours: Photographer Jill Mustoffa's Wheat Ridge haven

Melissa Rich,
Artist Jill Mustoffa in her rural Wheat Ridge oasis.
Editor's note: Indie design blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she'll be sharing some of her favorite homes by taking us inside the unique private spaces of metro Denver and beyond.

Wheat Ridge-based creative Jill Mustoffa combines holiday cheer and wall-to-wall inspiration at her museum-like mid-modern ranch home. A self-coined "phone photographer," she has a way of turning everyday things into extraordinary ones.

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Jill Mustoffa,
Jill Mustoffa's front entry.

Jill Mustoffa,
Mustoffa's Christmas tree.
Westword: What kind of art do you make?

Jill Mustoffa: At the moment, photography via Instagram under the name "onemust," standing for "one must" take pictures and also meaning the first of the Mustoffa girls. Everything is done on my phone. It's a phone-edited phone photograph. I am really finding my niche on Instagram. I photograph shopping carts, payphones, down spouts, electrical boxes, graffiti and more. I didn't coin these tags, phrases or this concept. Other people have done it, but I take it and run with it. If you put in shopping carts, you will not only see my shopping carts (#runawayshoppingcarts), but you will see other people's shopping carts because the tags are starting to catch on. All of a sudden, you have all these tags and you start to see the world differently.

A fun show I hung recently at Cafe Crescendo, was all about texture and colors that inspired me on my Hawaii trip. I also created an Instagram series from that trip (#lookingdownatthings). It's pictures of people's feet and where they are standing. I love that! When I went to Hawaii, I wound up taking over 4,000 photographs. I used my phone and my lumex. I took over 150 pictures of my feet, and it was brilliant. I am really excited about Instagram and hashtags. I do save my A-grade work for art galleries.

Jill Mustoffa,
Jill Mustoffa's Hawaii Show
Where can we find your artwork?

and on Instagram. Third Friday, December 20, at Kanon Collective on Santa Fe or by appointment.

What's in your artist toolbox?

My phone, Lumix 3, Canon T-3, Mac and my eye. Fix-it tip: Super 77 is better than duct tape.

Jill Mustoffa,
Mustoffa's living room, decorated for Christmas.

Jill Mustoffa,
Mustoffa's ornaments.

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