Photo preview: Bike Art opens tonight at the Dairy Center for the Arts

Nicole Finger, The Challenge.
Boulderites -- especially those in the city's close-knit pro-cycling community -- take bikes seriously. So it goes without saying that the annual Bike Art exhibition at the Dairy Center for the Arts is a big draw. The national show of more than 100 works in a variety of mediums is so popular, in fact, that for this second year, the Dairy is spreading out the opening reception over two days -- from 4 to 6:30 p.m. today and tomorrow.

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Tres Taylor, Bicycle Monk for the Dairy.
What's all the fuss about? Curator Mary Horrocks says that sheer variety has a lot to do with it: The art, which both depicts bicycles and uses bike parts in interesting ways, will fill the center inside and out with such standouts as the whimsical paintings of Alabaman Tres Taylor, the featured artist at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival last summer; a pair of kinetic sculptures by Virginian Dick Whitehill; and Boulder artist Jessica Moon Bernstein's cascading installation fashioned from bicycle inner tubes.

And because the show is concurrent with the National Cyclo-Cross Championships in January, it also comes with programming that taps bicycle culture, including screenings of bike movies throughout December in the Boedecker Theater and three performances in the Performance Space of Bicycle Men, the Musical, beginning December 20.

Keep reading for a preview of Bike Art works.

Braydon Gold, BMX.

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