Artist House Tours: Andi Todaro takes inspiration from her home studio

Matthew Novack,
Todaro, wearing one of her creations in her home studio.
Editor's note: Indie Design Blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she'll be sharing some of her favorite homes, by taking us inside the unique private spaces of metro Denver and beyond.

"Anything and everything" could be object of artist Andi Todaro's creative canvas. From Runway Model to Graphic Designer, she has got the gamut of creativity covered ten-fold, and maximizes her 900-square-foot home and studio to get to work. Keep reading to see how her inspirational space in the Old South Pearl Neighborhood helps her with round-the-clock bursts of creativity.

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Matthew Novack,
Art by Andi Todaro on display in her home.

Westword: What's in your artist toolbox?

Andi Todaro: I've never wanted to have a studio away from home since I often have fits of inspiration in the middle of the night. My studio is steps from my bedroom. The entire second room is full of materials that I have collected for about eight years, for just about anything I can think of making.

Matthew Novack,
Andi Todaro's bedroom next to Art Studio.

Matthew Novack,
Todaro's bedroom closet.

Matthew Novack,
The doorway between her studio and bedroom.

Matthew Novack,
Todaro's home studio.

Matthew Novack,
Todaro's workroom organization.

Continue reading for more of Todaro's house.

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