100 Colorado Creatives: Lonnie Hanzon

#17: Lonnie Hanzon

Lonnie Hanzon is a bit of a wizard; in fact, he once held the title of Wizard-in-Residence at the Museum of Outdoor Arts. His artistic oeuvre is a cabinet of curiosities (an exhibit he staged while at MOA bore the same name), a baroque mixture of whimsical public art, starry contemporary holiday displays and bottled minutiae from another time and place.

A few of his accomplishments? The Evolution of the Ball arch that's amused baseball fans since Coors Field opened nearly twenty years ago, Hudson Holiday's two-year seasonal light show at Hudson Gardens (which has moved on to new heights at the Houston Zoo), an ethereal chandelier at Palazzo Verdi in the Tech Center, and more magical public art to come; the list is long and gilded by Hanzon's unstoppable creativity. He's definitely one of Colorado's most creative artists; read on for his answers for the 100CC questionnaire.

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Lonnie Hanzon, Chandelier Chardon.
If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

It would have been amazing to have been one of the original Imagineers for Uncle Walt, but I think I would collaborate with "Mad" King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886). His imagination was both Wagnerian and Busby Berkeley-esque. His life was one big multimedia opera from start to the tragic end. If the powers around him understood in his time what he was doing for style and tourism in the future, maybe they wouldn't have drowned him.

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Producers with Artichoke in the U.K. and Punchdrunk in NYC. People who are developing the next genres of experiential art by blurring the lines between visual, performing, dining and environmental events. I want to add rides and theme-park elements to that mix. I think the next arts/entertainment paradigm (think Disney, Cirque) is about to shift again.

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