100 Colorado Creatives: Paul Moschell

Paul Moschell in his studio.
#16: Paul Moschell

Artist Paul Moschell doubles as a sweet-hearted animal-lover and an eccentric-about-town who, when he's not painting whimsical characters on paper and matchboxes or building disturbing pieces out of doll parts and other objects (some of them sharp and pointy), shoots video selfies of himself dancing with his teacup chihuahua, Tootie Lynn. His latest project, a series of assemblage hats and headpieces, seems more at home in a gallery than in a hat shop, as does the tattooed and muscular Moschell himself. What makes the world spin for this walking, talking artwork-in-process? Read his answers to the 100CC questionnaire for a different spin on the arts.

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Paul Moschell, matchbox paintings of Annie Lennox.
If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Jim Henson. He enchanted both children and adults alike. There is no doubt in my mind that he was snatched away from us far too soon. When I was a child, his film The Dark Crystal had a cherished impact on me that is still with me today. His work was so innocent and so beautiful and yet, on rare occasions, he could master darker projects without tarnishing that innocence. I often wonder what treasures he might be sharing with us today. As we age and change, our work follows. It would be fascinating to see how his visions and interpretations of them have changed as he aged. Jim Henson didn't remake classics, he created them. Across the board, his legacy is brilliance. 

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Recently, I have been charmed by the fresh voices of a handful of girls from the United Kingdom putting out exceptional music. However, as you have asked me to select one individual, for the moment I will select Lianne La Havas in response to your question. Her debut album is exceptional, and her voice and style are exquisite. Music has always been an essential part of my creative process, especially a beautiful female vocal. Lianne is a terrific example of the music that stimulates my creativity. I really enjoy painting to her music and vocals.

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Fantastic! Paul's work is amazing, amusing and inspired. And Tootie-Lynn is a magical beast.

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